EXD Crane Radio

For over 20 years, NET have been manufacturing EXd Crane Radio Systems. Our latest version is based on the Motorola DM4600, analogue/digital radio.

There are a number of variations depending on the customer’s requirements however typically they are produced utilising Motorola UHF and VHF radios combined with a 25watt PA system. The operator can switch between functions of UHF/VHF or PA and control the PTT via an EX footswitch. Options are available for either EX Peltor headset or an EX industrial gooseneck microphone, or both. All audio functions are contained on a single custom optocoupler PCB delivering pure audio quality and ease of in-field maintenance in the unlikely event of a failure. 

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  • Communication Unit
  • Foot Switch
  • Mic
  • Headset
  • Antenna(e)
  • Cable

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