Dual-band Safe Area Crane Radio System

For over 20 years NET are experts in manufacturing Crane Radio Systems, providing best in class reliability and safety to support offshore operations.

This latest generation is a fully certified radio solution from an ISO9001 accredited supplier offering unrivalled support and service throughout the product life-cycle. Designed specifically for cranes located in non-hazardous areas to provide crystal clear communications, safety compliance, ergonomics and ease of use.



  • Marine VHF Antenna
  • Marine UHF Antenna
  • 25W Public Address Horn Loudspeaker
  • IP66 Main System Unit
  • VHF & UHF Radio
  • Remote Control Unit
  • Headset
  • PTT Footswitch
  • Panel Microphone

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A certified digital two-way marine radio system covering VHF and UHF bands for installation on cranes located in non-hazardous areas and where space in the control cab is at a premium.

The latest technology is used in the optimised design for critical communications between crane operators and deck personnel or vessel crew attending the installation.

The crane operator has a compact Remote Control Unit (RCU) within easy reach and view to make system adjustments such as selecting between VHF or UHF radio for transmit, adjusting radio channels and setting speaker or headset volume. Several different mounting bracket types are available to ensure optimal placement of this unit.

A dual cab loudspeaker and gooseneck panel microphone can be used instead of the headset, depending on operator preference and environmental conditions such as ambient noise levels.

The system includes a ‘Shout’ public address system allowing the crane operator to make announcements immediately to deck personnel – particularly important during critical lifting operations where the operator may have better view of the deck area and can warn others at risk.

Hands-free operation of the transmit function is provided by a footswitch and/or connection to an existing crane control joystick button.

Up to 15 dedicated channels can be programmed into each radio, selectable by the crane operator with quick access to a ‘home’ or ‘calling’ channel.  Radio channels can be either analogue or digital to integrate with any infrastructure and provide the facility for both analogue and digital private line calling schemes (TPL or DPL).


  • Offshore cranes located in non-hazardous areas.
  • Space constrained crane control cabs.
  • Upgrade of existing systems to higher performance, safer equipment.
  • Digitalisation of legacy analogue installations.
  • Offshore wind farms, heavy lift vessels, production platforms, drilling rigs, FPSOs & well intervention vessels.
  • Fully digital audio processing designed for clearer comms, ease of use and reduced operator stress.
  • Exceptional low-noise clear audio performance with full adjustability of listening volumes from all sources.
  • Ergonomic crane operator remote control unit with status information screen and rugged switches for key functions.
  • Adjustable ‘Side Tone’ from each mic mixed into headset audio reduces operators shouting and adds essential local awareness for safety.
  • Multiple user custom levels profiles can be saved and recalled for each operator coming on shift.


  • Access to system configuration, status monitoring, event history and diagnostics without need to open Main System Unit Exd enclosure.
  • Latest digital full diagnostics and monitoring technology, via Main System Unit Exd enclosure window and Wi-Fi (separate ATEX tablet).
  • Integrates with newest digital radio systems being deployed offshore with the latest safety features.
  • Comprehensive Warranty included up to 3 years from delivery.
  • Comprehensive and fully controlled documentation package with Customer / site specific installation drawings, procedures, and information.
  • NET will include all correctly specified accessories and field cables, barrier glands pre-installed, to avoid installation issues.
  • Installation and commissioning available by NET or by suitably trained technicians.