Enhancing onboard communication in Senegal.

The NET team had the incredible opportunity to work on the Karmol Africa vessel in Senegal to revolutionise its onboard communication system. The mission was clear: to ensure complete coverage on 2 UHF channels for seamless day-to-day and emergency communications.

Here’s a glimpse of the project:

  • Integration of antennas and cables into one continuous loop, creating a robust communication network across the vessel.
  • Installation of a repeater to the system, effectively eliminating previous blind spots and ensuring consistent coverage.
  • Upgrade and replacement of selected antennas to enhance signal strength and reliability.
  • Comprehensive health check and servicing of vessel radios, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging their lifespan.
  • Upgrade the vessel’s fixed UHF base radios to the advanced Motorola DM series radios, bringing in the next level of communication clarity and reliability.

The result?

A vessel fully equipped for clear, uninterrupted communication, ensuring safety and efficiency in every operation. NET design their solutions with efficiency and intuitiveness in mind, backed by the reliability of Motorola Solutions technology. The positive feedback from the Karmol Africa team has been overwhelming, highlighting the transformative impact of these upgrades.