Neil Macdonald from E-Blast Ltd. was extremely happy with the service provided by NET.

“Having three separate companies on our 16 acre site with several jobs requiring a collaborative approach from all three companies, communication is absolutely key to our in-house efficiency. Formerly (and we’re not entirely sure how we managed!) the only method of communication was by phone which proved to be time consuming, costly and on many occasions ineffective.

We invested in the DP2400 radio system for the key areas of each business and were astounded by the success. From yardsmen to receptionists – everyone can communicate easily. Our initial slight scepticism was whether the radios would hold up in our tougher environments like the workshops and yard but our fears very quickly disappeared as we found the radios to be sturdy, clear and extremely easy to use.

With a strong drive for increased efficiency, we are absolutely delighted at not only the cost and time savings but the increased awareness that all staff have of overall production.

There are many occasions when someone intercepts the initial radio enquiry because they have more knowledge of a particular situation. In addition, we have found NET to provide an exceptional level of service. Many companies are focused on the initial ‘sale’ and perhaps less focused on after sales service but this does not apply to NET.

They have delivered additional radios to our premises, taken the time to provide adequate training to all staff and they periodically contact us to check everything is in order. We would definitely rate NET in our top 10 suppliers.”